As a Buddhist Media Organization, we are fulfilled with the vast activities nowadays. Currently, we have 02 International Buddhist Magazines, 02 International Buddhist Websites and International Buddhist Television Channel. Our Team behind the success of the Magazines, Websites and Television Channel sincerely believes that spreading the teachings of Buddhism and the Dhamma would be very useful for those interested to follow the sublime path as well as those who aspire to be in that path from all around the world and shall strive at all times to bring the message of sublime Dhamma to all in this world which is beset with greed and hatred and help them to alleviate their minds and lead happy lives hereafter.

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Mettavalokanaya will continue to envision being the magazine that will take the higher teachings of the Enlightened One to those in Sri Lanka and across the world. The magazine comprises mostly of articles written by leading Buddhist Monks from across the world and Sri Lanka as well as provides the public’s perspective on the teachings of the Buddha.  As a Buddhist Organization, our main target is to teach good habits & qualities to the generation through the teaching of Buddhism.


Founder / Chairman / Chief Editor

Happy to inform you our “Mettavalokanaya” International Monthly Buddhist Magazine has been awarded “2018 – The Global Buddhist Ambassador Award” from Thailand as the World’s Best Buddhist Magazine. The magazine comprises of special articles on Buddhism written by leading Buddhist Monks from foreign countries. We are publishing the pure Buddhism via new technology in worldwide. Also, our main target is to teach good habits & qualities to the generation through the teaching of Buddhism.

Welcome to all over the world who are sincerely interested in Buddhism. Shifu International is the specially for worldwide historical Buddhist Places and Buddhist activities worldwide. This is the main Buddhist Channel of Mettavalokana Buddhist Publications Centre.

I am Buddhika Sanjeewa. As a Buddhist and universal traveler, I have been to more than 25 countries in my 22 years of overseas travelling life. During the days of my official international travel, I visited many Buddhist Temples and most valuable historical Buddhist places all around the world. Based on my experience in global travelling, I decided to share with you on the importance of these sacred and of immense spiritual values of these Buddhist Temples and historical Buddhist places. Please join with me. Let’s start the holy pilgrimage….

“Bhikkhunis” International Buddhist Magazine & Website, especially for all Buddhist Nuns in the world. This is the World’s First International Bhikkhunis Magazine & Website who started Mettavalokana Buddhist Publications Centre in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, this magazine & website will distribute free of charge worldwide. “Bhikkhunis” International Buddhist Magazine has been successfully distributed to 45 countries in the world so far.