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Vancouver, Canada  I  January 31, 2022  I  10.45 AM –

The World’s Famous Buddha Chanting Master, The Chief Abbot of Pure Land Temple & Lingyen Mountain Temple – Canada, Most Venerable Master Tze Cheng, held a special “Ringing the Bell Blessing Service and Spring Auspicious Blessings Dharma Service” at Lingyen Mountain Temple in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada on January 31, 2022.

Chinese New Year’s Eve and held the Spring Auspicious Blessings Dharma Service from February 1st to 3rd to pray for auspiciousness, peace and safety for the world, and early resolution of the pandemic. Both of these Dharma Services were open to in-person attendance by reservation and were simultaneously streamed online. With the sound of the bell and sincere prayers, welcomed in Chinese New Year; with the Ceremony of Six Offerings, cultivated blessings and wisdom.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, apart from the Buddha Hall service which required reservation, the temple also designed a “Visitation Order” for visitors, including ten zones where visitors could offer incense, pay homage to the Buddha, make wishes and pray for blessings. Ten pathways were put in place in the outdoor Guan Yin Gazebo courtyard, which is usually only open to the public on Sundays, so that everyone could offer incense and ask for a divination in an orderly manner. There was also a Lamp Offering and Wish-Making event in the courtyard. Two walls were placed on either side of the Guan Yin Gazebo, where visitors could write their New Year’s wishes on a card and tie it onto the wall. The walls were filled with the hopes of the visitors, as they prayed for Guan Yin Bodhisattva to fulfill their wishes.

The Hall of 18 Arhats was one of the highlights of this year’s event. It is stated in the sutras that Arhats are the disciples who received the Buddha’s final instructions to spread the Buddha Dharma and benefit sentient beings in this world. The temple enshrined the statues of the 18 Arhats in the Hall on the main floor, for visitors to make offerings and cultivate blessings. It is recorded in the sutras that sincerely making offerings to the Arhats can help us eliminate the afflictions in our lives, and plant seeds in the field of blessings.

At the exit area, the temple prepared protective souvenirs, Noodles of Peace, and Fruits of Auspiciousness to give to all visitors, as a way to express our best wishes for each and every person. Approximately 1,000 visitors came to the temple on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Under the direction of the Masters and volunteers, the entire event proceeded in a very orderly manner. As the pandemic continues, our hearts came together to pray for peace, safety, auspiciousness and fulfilment of our wishes in the New Year.

During the 3-day Spring Auspicious Blessings Dharma Service, we recited the Sutra of Auspiciousness every day, and respectfully presented offerings of incense, flowers, lights, perfume, fruits, and music. The Masters of the temple presented the offerings on behalf of the benefactors, expressing their respect and sincerity to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. On the final day of the service, the Venerable Abbot of the temple, Dharma Master Tze Cheng, discussed how from the past to the present, people have had the habit of searching externally for solutions to things that are beyond their control. In midst the widespread value placed on fame and profit in this world, it is easy to lose sight of our true selves. How do we move towards a path of true auspiciousness in life? Throughout the three days of reciting the Sutra of Auspiciousness along with the Masters, the Buddha offers us simple verses that remind us of how to conduct ourselves in our lives. We hope that we will all take inspiration from this sutra and begin to readjust our values and attitudes, establish right views, understanding and contemplation, live with right mindfulness, and cultivate both blessings and wisdom.

Most Venerable Master Tze Cheng was born in 1978 in the city of Taoyuan, Taiwan. He entered monastic life in 1987 under Venerable Master Miao Lien of Taiwan Lingyen Mountain Temple. In 2002, he took the full monastic precepts at Sun Moon Temple. Soon afterwards, he went to study under Venerable Master Wu Ming of Haiming Temple. In 2011, he established the Pure Land Temple in Taiwan. In 2012, he was appointed as Director and Vice Abbot of Cihming Temple. In 2015, he was appointed as Abbot of Zulin Mountain Temple. He is now the Abbot of Pure Land Temple in Taiwan.

Throughout more than thirty years of monastic life, Venerable Master Tze Cheng has taken on the mission of Venerable Master Miao Lien by propagating the Pure Land Dharma method. In particular, he has done extensive research on Buddhist ceremonies and chanting. His hard work and natural talents in these areas have earned him tremendous respect from Buddhists in Taiwan. People are often taken in by his pure and harmonious Dharma sounds. Those who know him describe Venerable Master Tze Cheng as a sincere and honest person who leads a simple life. His compassion permeates through all his interactions with others. All members of the Fourfold Assembly look up to him and his spirit to sacrifice his own well-being for the sake of the Dharma. He continues to spare no efforts in propagating the Dharma, hosting Water and Land Dharma Services, Short-term Monastic Retreats and other major Buddhist ceremonies all across the world, in places such as China, the United States, and Southeast Asia.

On September 14, 2019, under the support and anticipation of the Fourfold Assembly, Venerable Master Tze Cheng officially became the Abbot of Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada), a role in which he will work hard to carry on Venerable Master Miao Lien’s compassionate vows to build monasteries and guide sentient beings. We trust that under Venerable Master Tze Cheng’s leadership, we will raise the Dharma banner and hang the wisdom lamp, guiding people of all cultures to practice Buddhism. By introducing a new innovative force into the propagation of Buddhism in Canada, Lingyen Mountain Temple (Canada) will be transformed into a Pure Land for everyone.








現任住持─ 誠大和尚




在加拿大靈巖山寺四眾弟子至心期盼與擁護下,上自下誠大和尚於2019年9月14日陞座,成為加拿大靈巖山寺第二代住持,為護持恩師 妙公老和尚建寺度生的悲心大願而努力。相信在大和尚的帶領之下,必能高啟慧燈、再樹法幢,為佛法於加拿大的推廣注入新的活力,接引更多中外人士學佛修行,使加拿大靈巖山寺成為信眾朝拜、修學的清淨梵剎。

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