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Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka  I  June 14, 2022  I  11.48 PM –

The Poson Day the Full Moon Day of June is the most remarkable day of Buddhists in Sri Lanka. That is because of the most venerable Arahant Mahinda the prince of emperor Asoka the great and the great spiritual son of the Buddha arrived Sri Lanka with his disciples Itthiya, Uttiya, Sambhala, Bhaddiya, Baddasaala and the lay disciple Bhanduka Upasaka on a full moon day of June in 236 in Buddhist Era. The king of the nation Devanampiyatissa, widely known as King Tissa was enjoying the game of shooting with a bow and arrow at the foot of Mihintala Rock in Anuradhapura. The Arahant Thero appearing on the summit of Mihintala Rock called upon the king by his short name Tissa, Tissa.

The King was surprized to address him by his name as no one could address simply by the name of a person like the leader in a country unless most senior than to him could allow to do it.The Thero said that he arrived from India especially out of compassion to him being the disciple of the king of righteousness, Dharmaraja, the Lord Tathagatha Buddha. King was happy and invited him to the palace and arranged a large gathering of people in his royal park to hear his message. It was the day that Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lankas for the first time and with the royal patronage the Buddhist religion was established in the country, prospered and natured for many centuries with the support of all Sri Lankan rulers. A great gathering is occupied the holy city of Anuradhapura and practiced Dharma in commemoration of this this remarkable event on the 14th of instant 2022.

Events - June 14, 2022


On the 14th of June Poson Full Moon Day on this year 2022,  “Sihapura Sanghapati”, The Chief Sangha Nayake of Singapore & Malaysia, Senior Religious Adviser of Buddha Vihara Society, Singapore, Most Venerable Dr. Galle Udita Maha Nayake Thero visited holy city Anuradhapura after two years of absence of visiting due to Covid 19 epidemic that has been spread all over the world since 2019.The principal of the school of the blind in at Maha Iluk pallama in Anuradhapura organized the preparation of Sago and sweet millet (Kurakkan) conji with a group of people sponsored by the devotees of Ven, Maha Nayaka and distributed to the pilgrims who had visited holy city at the Holy Bodhi Tree which had been brought as a sapling by the Arahant Princess Sanghamitta the Sister of Arahant Mahinda from Sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Tree in Buddhagaya where Buddha attained enlightenment.

A crowd of 5000 over pilgrims expressed their pleasure over the energy drink that they could refreshed themselves with it even without a meal for the day. Most Venerable Dr. Galle Udita Maha Nayake Thero participated in the distribution of rice packets of 2000 to the pilgrims included who have observed eight or ten precepts. His devotees of Singapore headed by Sister Khema Magie, Brother Asoka Tan Ah Boon and Friends had undertaken the cost of packets meals prepared by the manager of City resort of Anuradhapura Mr. Champaka with the permission of Town council of Anuradhapura. Venerable had accompanied by his brother monks, the Chief Judicial officer in Galle Sri Lanka Ramanya Maha Nikaya, Rev. Nakiyadeniye Nyanuttara Thera and the Director of Wijayananda Welfare Society Rev. Balangoda Buddhaghosa Thero.

Relatives from Kurunegala, Polonnaruwa and Galle headed by P.M Indrani were also attended the event with the prelate for the distribution. Undergraduate Students of Rajarata University also volunteered to distribute rice packets. After the event the group went around holy sites to venerate which were fully crowded with devotees. It was not easy to walk on the path of Holy Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Tree and the path of Ruwanweli Pagoda due to the great crowd. Ven. Conducted the Puja Chanting for an hour at the holy compound of the Pagoda in the evening. The pagoda and the surrounding were seen very attractive with the illumination of millions of tiny multi- coloured Chinese bulbs. Thuparamaya the first pagoda built by King Devanampiya Tissa in 300 BC and the Mirisawetiya, Jetavanaya, Samadhi Buddha Statue, Lovamahapaya, twin ponds the Kuttham Pokuna and the moonstone, the Sandakada Pahana were the other places that had captured the attract of many. Those monuments were made to show the grandeur of Sri Lanka in the golden days of 2000 over history. 

Events - June 15, 2022


Most Venerable Dr. Galle Udita Maha Nayake Thero and his group departed from Anuradhapura early morning with the intention of reaching Matale on time to participate in welcoming ceremony by a school. The Principal Madam Ramya Kumari and the staff of 12 lady teachers of provincial specimen primary school of Rambada in Matale with its 200 students were waiting for the event. Maha Nayaka Thero also arrived on the time and the musical band of the school comprising 30 students wearing uniforms presented by Ven Mahanayaka welcomed the prelate and the group. A feast of local delicacies with milk rice had been arranged by the principal and it was enjoyable. Children entertained the prelate and the group with singing, dancing and the drama Mahadenamutta and his followers performed in English so skilfully that attracted the hearts of everybody in humour.

Most Venerable Dr. Galle Udita Maha Nayake Thero addressed the children narrating the story of the crow and the piece of Keju to draw attention of everybody to protect children from abusers by consoling sweet words just as the fox used to attract the crow. The pilgrimage was ended in Galle on the same day nearly midnight and it was planned to go Mahaiyanagana on the June 18, 2022 for another event of distribution.

Events - June 18, 2022


18th of June was the annual Birthday of Seelandani at Weliwatta in Galle the third sister of the Prelate and therefore 18th of June was selected to distribute rice and commodities for the needy in Mahiyangana. It was almost 1.30 am on the 17th Venerable Buddhaghosa, Ven. Nyanutta and the few relatives headed by Indrani joined the tour and arrived Horana to take up Rev. Akila of Mahiyangana and piled up some more gifts for the distribution. Rev. Akila had arranged the people in three areas in Mahiyangana and things to be distributed with the assistance of the Prelate. The group arrived Mahiyangana in the morning and breakfast was served at the house of mother of Rev. Akila with local dishes such as lentil and Polos, the curry of tender jack fruit absorbed in local sour ingredient fruit named Goraka. 

Ration of Rice, lentil and coconuts were packeted by the volunteered, sponsored by the Singapore Devotees of the prelate. People were queued up to receive rice and commodities on the compound of the house and soon they were given away. Rev. Akila distributed solar lamps and stationaries to the needy children received from Sister Lee Hwa the student graduate of the Prelate. The group headed by Maha Nayaka went to another two places including Hasalaka Village and distributed rice and commodities within short periods. Then the return journey was started after lunch in one of the villages. Venerable Maha Nayaka of great highness donated laptops and solar handphones to few Bhikkhunis headed by Nanda Meheni in Kalutara delivered by his one of the undergraduate students in Buddhist and Pali university Collage in Singapore and offered cash donation to Precept Mother Dhammaruchika Mata in Kandy for her cement blocks to build up the bathroom in the nunnery offered by a local Buddhist.

Events - June 19, 2022

Most Venerable Dr. Galle Udita Maha Nayake Thero sponsored Dana to Sangha and the precepts practitioners in Galwewa Temple in Amabalantota with the help of Singapore devotees. Lunch Dana also provided to all visitors of the temple on the Poson Full Moon Day. And it was organized by sister Sandhya and Chandrika Kodituwakku in Ambalantota with the assistance of Most Venerable Prelate.  Thus, many meritorious events were performed in conjunctions with the commemoration of the arrival of Arahant Mahinda from India to Sri Lanka for the welfare of the Sri Lankans during the annual celebration in Anuradhapura and other areas. It was wonderful that even in most difficult time in the island the Buddhists did not forget to organize island wide religious projects in the name of the Arahant.

Dhammapada says, “Merit should be done again and again, and even the liking of doing meritorious deeds would be productive for happiness’’. May all rejoice in merit, Be well and happy with the blessings of Triple Gem..!!

Buddhika Sanjeewa  I  After visit to Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

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