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Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Yen Ding
Founder of Auspicious World Promoting the Physical and Mental Health Education

Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Yen Ding, The Founder of Auspicious World Promoting the Physical and Mental Health Education, Born on March 1, 1951, Venerable Bhikkhuni Yen Ding earned her Nursing degree at Corning Nursing School, and her Buddhist degree at Kaiyan Zen College. From the stillness of a silent bright mind, she has illuminated the lives of millions offering improved health and well-being. She excelled at and integrated health care approaches and direct application of Buddhist teachings to alleviate human suffering. She provided health care services as a nurse for 5 years, and then became the Supervisor of the Buddhist College for one year. In 2004, she established the “Auspicious Guangyu Detoxification & Purification Center to help monastics and laity detox and achieve excellent health. She then began organizing detoxification courses in Southeast Asia. In 2008, she established the Lianhua Yuan Life & Health Center in Puli, Taiwan to train monastics and laity about holistic health. Next, she shared her teachings with Santi-Asoke of Thailand, and subsequently detoxification programs entered the grassroots and spread throughout Thailand.

By 2012, Venerable Bhikkhuni Yen Ding established the Auspicious World Life Health Education Center in Yangmingshan, Taipei, which integrates: ancient and modern, Eastern and Western natural therapies, religious medicine, biochemical technologies, energy medicine, diet and nutrition approaches, and other healthcare knowledge and technologies. She simplified complicated medical science in order to easily apply it to everyday life in order to enhance the body’s self-healing power. Thus, she empowers every one of us to take care of his/her health and be one’s own doctor. In 2013, she organized the Chong Hua Maiojing Food Culture Association to promote, “A Plant-based Diet to Save the Earth,” by protecting health and minimizing the use of resources. By 2015, Venerable Yen Ding became the Honorary President of the “International Naturopathy Association of China.” She recognizes that diseases mainly arise from a poor diet. Venerable Bhikkhuni Yen Ding is an invited speaker and conducts Detox & Rejuvenation courses and Healthy Vegetarian Cooking classes worldwide. In 2018, the World Vegan Organization appointed her as a Health Food Charity Ambassador, promoting a mindful plant-based diet to save the earth and all beings.

With the medical background, Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Yang Ding, Founder of Auspicious World in Taipei, Taiwan and promoting the physical and mental health education, was aspired to ease the suffering from illness by combining Buddhism with ancient and modern medical science. She has founded the Auspicious World in Taipei and dedicated her life in promoting the physical and mental health education. She also founded Yang Qing (meaning rest and cleanse) Kitchen whose mission is to teach people how to make nutritious vegetarian cuisines and to promote vegetarianism in order to save the earth. The story of a bird putting out the fire, “I am the guardian of our Earth I promote meatless diet to reduce carbon emissions So, our Mother Earth can finally breathe Greenhouse effect makes the ice melt Where else can all beings live? Protect the world with vegetarian diet Enrich everyday life with rainbow cuisines With a self-disciplined mind and less desires We help cleansing the world by purifying our mind Bless all creatures before every meal We thank the world with sincerity With an awakened mind Lives are sustained on our Mother Earth” Pray before every meal, we touch the heart of heaven and earth.

減肉少排碳 地球好呼吸 溫室冰融溢 生靈何所依 蔬食護⼤大地 日日彩虹餐 克己存少欲 氣定心自怡 一餐一祈福 心淨世界淨 醒覺心文明 大地保生機

There is good concept for Prayers before Meals…. Once upon a time, there was a big fire in the forest. When all the animals were anxiously escaping from the fire, a bird was trying its best to save its family and home by putting out the fire. It carried the water from the lake with its peak and feathers and sprayed it upon the fire. After a few rounds going back and forth, it became extremely tired. This act of benevolence moves a divine being into sending rainfall to distinguish the fire. This story tells us that although we have limitation in our individual strength, there’s no boundary in our mind. Global warming has become almost irreversible; it is time to promote nutritious and healthy vegetarian food with the help of our mental power. We encourage all people to pray for the earth before every meal. Just as the bird that touches the heart of the divine being, our earth will be reborn because of our right efforts.

The Tao of Eating – To protect our lives and earth with right food. To nurse one’s body and mind with right food. To enter the way of Tao with right food. According to a UN report, animal husbandry is responsible for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions and is the main reason for global warming. It is everyone’s responsibility to save the earth and all beings with vegetarian diet. If one person can persuade 10 people toward vegetarian diets, then the 10th power of 10 is ten billion. This is the ace in our hand to win back our earth. There are already many organizations in the world promoting vegetarianism. Even the Christians have founded their vegetarian union, we as Buddhists should be active in this. You are welcome to join the Firefighting Bird Campaign to vow not to eat the flesh of all beings to save our earth. Please tick the boxes below: 01 – One vegetarian meal per day 02 – One vegetarian meal per week 03 – Vegetarian meals per week 04 – Tell 10 friends of yours to pray before every meal 05 – Request local restaurants to provide vegetarian dishes 06 – Organize a group to promote vegetarian diet.