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Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Longmen (Kaishan)
Chief Abbot – Golden Dragon Mountain, Falun Chan Temple

Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Longmen (Kaishan), The Chief Abbot – Golden Dragon Mountain, Falun Chan Temple, Huiguang Qianshou Guanyin Temple, South Putuo Yuantong Temple, Yuantong Puxian Culture and Education Foundation, Chairman – Kaohsiung Huazang Academy of Buddhist Studies, Founding Director – Huiguang Charity Foundation Club, Huiguang Materials Terminal & Guanyin Nursing Club, established the world’s first Buddhist Food Bank in Pingtung, Taiwan. The Social Affairs Department of Pingtung County Government, is helping to integrate the resources of the charity in the county, advocating the charity and socialization, and helping the urgently needed people in need of assistance to avoid overlapping resources and uneven distribution of resources. Therefore, began to organize the “Pingtung County Charity Association”. The implementation of the social welfare policy of the county government has contributed to the vision of “Happy Pingtung”.

The Most Venerable Bhikkhuni Longmen took refuge in Dharma at an early age. She enjoyed reading the sutras, and this offset the suffering which she experienced as her family was quite poor. The sutras and family poverty proved fertile ground for her to later become a Bhikkhuni with great compassionate response to those in need of basic necessities. She took refuge in the Sangha and relied upon Venerable Haiyuen with whom she ordained. Then she created Sangha. She taught them the sutras, in particular, the Lotus Sutra, the Flower Adornment Sutra, and the Diamond Sutra which brought forth great joy to her and her students. Next, Venerable Bhikkhuni Longmen began founding temples: Avalokitesvara’s Temple in Pingtung County in 1992, Huayen Temple in Taoyuan in 2000 and Yuantong Temple in Kaohsiung in 2006. By 2011 she was invited to take over Dharma Wheel Monastery in Pingtung.

Equal to her efforts to provide temples, spiritual refuge, to her students and the community, she attended to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged by providing: food, medical care, scholarships for students, emergency care, and funeral assistance via foundations and centers which she established. Pingtung Charity Foundation & Kaohsiung Charity Foundation in 1992, Pingtung Resources Center in 2013, Pingtung Food Supply Center & Free Food Delivery Station in 2017 which serves the homeless, elderly and poor. Bhikkhuni Longmen uplifted the lives of many via Buddhist teachings and development of cultural resources, as well. In 1994 she established the Buddhist Forum of Taipei; in the same year she established the Culture and Education Foundation in Pingtung. She is currently President of the Pingtung Buddhism Association and Secretary of the Pingtung Bhikkhuni Association. In 2010 she established a Buddhist school in Kaohsiung which offers classes in Buddhism, Buddha Image Painting, Japanese, English, etc. to benefit people in the neighborhood. In 2018 she took over an elementary school in Pingtung to set up a pilot program. By 2019 she established a Community Art and Culture Learning Center in Kaohsiung. Venerable Bhikkhuni Longmen devotes herself to the propagation of Buddhism, social services, and the development of culture and art in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and China with great joy and delight in every step that she takes. She has only one motivation – to benefit all sentient beings.

理事長 釋圓通 法師 金龍山法輪禪寺 住持 南普陀圓通寺 開山住持 慧光千手觀音寺 開山住持 高雄華藏學佛院 導師 慧光慈善功德會創會理事長 圓通普賢文教基金會董事長 慧光物資總站 緣起人 觀音護僧會 緣起人 設立緣起 – 屏東縣政府社會處前處長倪榮春,為整合縣內慈善團體資源、倡導慈善事業社工化、並合理而有效的幫助亟需援助的急難民眾,以避免資源重疊浪費與分配不均的情事發生,因此於民國95年底邀集縣內所有慈善團體開會研商、獲得共識,開始籌組「屏東縣慈善團體聯合協會」。經半年籌備,於96年6月17日正式成立,首任理事長為陳美瓊女士;同年6月29日經屏東縣政府正式核准立案,並於同年8月3日向屏東地方法院申請登記成立「社團法人」,自此後以「資源整合、濟弱扶傾、案主自立」為服務宗旨,積極展開資源連結、雪中送炭、扶助經濟弱勢家庭及關懷街友的愛心服務工作,並同時配合屏東縣政府社會福利政策之推行,為「幸福屏東」的願景共盡一份心力。