Mettavalokanaya To VVIP

Mettavalokanaya Magazine and Website was first issued in December, 2015 as the world’s first international monthly Buddhist magazine in Sri Lanka; it is published in English and includes 60 pages of articles related to Buddhism written by renowned Buddhist Monks and Bhikkhunis (ordained female monks) from around the world, as well as provides the public’s perspective on the teachings of the Buddha. This magazine has been successfully distributed to several Buddhist Temples in overseas, International Buddhist organizations, selected High Commissions & Embassies located in 40 countries around the world, including all districts across Sri Lanka.

Mettavalokanaya magazines are distributing free of charge worldwide and available for free on its official website: The magazine was awarded the “Global Buddhist Ambassador Award” in Thailand as the World’s Best Buddhist Magazine, which recognizes the magazine’s exemplary effort to spread the teachings of Buddhism to an international audience who are interested in exploring the religion as well as Buddhika Sanjeewa’s dedication to creating international harmony and culture of peace through Buddhism.

Buddhika Sanjeewa is a well-known Author and Senior Journalist in Sri Lanka who has 20 years of experience in the field of religious affairs and media. Buddhika Sanjeewa is also the Founder, Chairman & Chief Editor of two international Buddhist magazines and two official Buddhist websites called “Mettavalokanaya” and “Bhikkhunis”, which are published on a monthly basis in the Mettavalokana Buddhist Publications Centre in Sri Lanka.