Our Vision & Mission

Our vision & mission is publishing the pure Buddhism via new technology in worldwide. As a not Profit organization, our main target is to teach good habits & qualities to the generation through the teaching of Buddhism.

Mettavalokanaya Buddhist Publications Centre is a Non Profit Organization for Buddhist Publications in Sri Lanka and this is the first time to start a non profitable Buddhist publication centre in Sri Lanka.

As a start, we are publishing “Mettavalokanaya” monthly Buddhist magazine. The magazine comprises with special articles on Buddhism written by leading monks in Sri Lanka.

Another publication of “Wandinemi Punyawantha Buddha Bhoomi” book comprises with Load Gautama Buddha’s historical living places & Buddhist religious places in Dambadiva (India & Nepal). A book titled “Pinbara Dolos Poda” is a publication which is explaining the value of 12 months full moon holy poya days. We are not charging for all our publications and those are absolutely free for general public.

Mettavalokanaya Buddhist Publications Centre is a registered Buddhist Publications Centre in Sri Lanka with International Standard.