Gabriele (Gabi) Seewald

Founder and Co-Creator of Spiral Seeds Consulting, Seeds, Skills, Tools, Experience & Wisdom for a sustainably healthy development on Earth & Projects – Sustainable & Holistic Wellbeing of People & Planet, Regenerative Living Design & Development for Enterprises, Communities, Regions and Cultures, Co-Creator of Samara Regenerative Hotels- and Resorts, Author, Speaker, Retreat-Leader

Divine Humanity.….

I have a strong sense that humanity is about to truly face its worst demons over the coming weeks. For eons now, the way we have met our worst demons is externally, through war and all kinds of other atrocities. This is when we say and believe that history repeats itself. History does not need to repeat itself. That’s our choice and does not depend on anyone or anything outside of us.  It’s our choice how we meet our worst demons this time around. Let us meet them inside of us.  Let us face time, truly face them, and not turn or run away from them.  Notice how you feel in your body and what movement, even so subtle your body wants to do right now when you imagine truly meeting your own demons, your own worst enemies.

Let us sit with them and listen to them, have a conversation with our enemies as we would have with our friends. Because truly our worst enemies, our inner demons are only those parts of ourselves that we have condemned and they simply want to be seen, be heard and be loved too. I know how scary this can feel and how much our conditioning, the patterns of believes, the training of our brains and nervous system (over generations) just wants us to fight or flight, or talk them or meditate them away.  And I know the true liberation and peace that comes when we just stay and meet ‘them’, with deep breaths, with cries and shakes, with: I am so scared but I am not going to kick into my auto-response, I am here and I see you, I hear you,  l am. You have no power over me and nowhere to hide any more.

Rooting ourselves deep into the core of Mother Earth. Breathing it all down into Her and breathing Her up into us.  I choose Peace. I choose Love.  I choose to truly be who I am: Embodied Divine Whole Human.  I choose to finally and truly create and co-create the World I want to live in from my Soul. I pray, holding humanity, holding all life and especially all people in positions of leadership and decision-making in this prayer in each and every moment: May the Long-Time Sun shine upon you, May all Love surround you, May the Pure Light within you, Guide your Way on, Guide your Way on.  May the Long-Time Sun shine upon us, May all Love surround us, May the Pure Light within us, Guide our Way on,  Guide our Way on.

And know we are not alone.  Reach out any time!  We are Humanity. Divine Whole Humanity.  I declare: Peace shall prevail. For All. Here and Now and Always, All Ways.  And so it is. And so it is. And so, it is. It’s done. It’s done. It’s done. It’s done. In the name of the One and All. Thank you, Mother. Thank you, Father. Blessed be. Your Children. Us. All.  As Humanity is rebirthing itself, water plays a key role in guiding us, informing us, cleansing us and alchemizing us. Water is liquid light and we at the time of conception in the womb of our Mother are liquid light containing our pure divine original blueprint, our very own unique geometry, that then forms us into the physical human.

With the help of water, we can reconnect to our purity and be reborn into the divine human being while remaining in the physical body.  Consciously working with water to help restore its perfect flow, purity and liquidity in all parts on Earth, feeling liquid rainbow light flowing in, through and around us, receiving water, sharing water, blessing water, drinking high-vibrational water, immersing in water. Calling upon our Water-Being, we receive our Water-Crystal, our very own unique divine crystalline geometry into our deep Heart. Calling upon Grandmother Whale, the whales and dolphins, we travel as them into the core of Mother Earth, into the Cave of Creation to retrieve and receive our Body Elemental, our Birth Crystal. Calling upon the Ancestors and Future-ones of Nature, of us, we receive Nature’s frequencies into our body to heal us with Mother Earth together into wholeness.

We can go there anytime from anywhere in meditation, knowing that we are always guided and protected by our team of light beings and by Gaia Sophia, Mother of all Creation herself. Mother Earth, the living breathing Being who came to this Galaxy to form all Nature from her Elementals and to be our Mother from lifetime to lifetime, She is here to stay and endure all that Humanity places on Her, while we can choose to come and go.  While She is what sustains us and loves us unconditionally, we have broken the bridge with Her and abused Her. Now, it is for us to restore that bridge, to love and protect Her and to heal, rebirth and live in resonant, reciprocal, respectful relationship with Her. I bow to the Embodied Divine Mother-Being that She is. I bow to the Embodied Divine Human-Being that you are. I bow to the Embodied Divine Human-Being that I am. I bow to the Embodied Divine Humanity that we are. Bathing in a Waterfall of Rainbow Water.  Blessed by the Universal Waters of the Divine Mother, the Mother of all Creation. I so love you, dear Sisters and Brothers.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Blessed be.

Gabi also means Coffee in Taiwanese. Gabi loves coffee and the Coffee plant who has graciously offered itself as Gabi’s plant alley together with the Orchids. Healthy living with Gabi serves as a community that connects and serves Humanity and the Earth in becoming well – holistically and sustainably, individually and collectively, in resonant, reciprocal, respectful relationship with Mother Earth and all Her Beings. We integrate and share the Essentials of Being Well: Sleep Well, Drink Well, Eat Well, Move Well and hence Regenerate Well through Embodied Healing Practices, Regenerative Living Practices and Tools, Nature Frequency Therapy and Light Health Medicine Technology. We are taught and guided by our Highest Self, the Elementals, Mother Earth, Ascended Master Beings, our Family of Light and Pure Divine Original Source, embodied, accompanying each other Home into a way of being and living healthily in harmony with Nature and all Life on Earth and beyond, now and for generations to come..


Weaving a beautiful World, co-creating Paradise on Earth….

Mother Earth is ascending, she is moving upwards on her evolutionary cycle, coming out of the dark, the shadow side of the Universe, the lower, denser realms into lighter, brighter, higher vibrational realms. And so is the whole Galaxy that Earth is part of. And I guess most likely the whole Universe, given that all is inter-connected and One. My personal experience of this natural ascension process was one of a very rude and painful awakening. It started with a complete breakdown of my body-mind-soul system, leading me into deep healing and complete transformation of my inner and outer world. Everything got shattered, there was chaos, confusion, almost unbearable physical and emotional pain, as my soul, my essence was reaching through to reconnect.

As I peeled back the layers, what I discovered was my beautiful resilient heart, my essence – beautifully woven by Creation into my own unique divine blueprint and with the same thread, the same fabric that we all, that all of Creation is woven with: Love. Love is a vibration and a force and when that vibration, that force flows freely in and through us again, when our body has regenerated itself to a more pure and original smooth state, we as a whole human being, an embodied consciousness, become walking, talking, doing Love-Force-Field-Beings. Over the years, I found, that living heart-centered, regenerating the body so it can hold higher consciousness on a cellular level is very difficult in a world full of data, distractions and business. So, I asked to be shown the simplest, most effective, most direct, joyful, easeful and graceful ways and practices, that allow people anytime, anywhere, to regenerate their body-heart-mind, reconnect with their essence and live from and as embodied love.

I found that what we need most are not more teachings nor more information, but simple practices that help us remember what we already know, that reconnect us with the wisdom and the well, the source of wellbeing, of regeneration in us – quite literally in our DNA. Then we naturally and effortlessly seek the connection with others, with nature, with that which truly nurtures us and we make the choices and take the steps that change our lives, our world to a more beautiful, healthy, harmonious one. It happens naturally, once the frequencies of love, of joy, of peace, of ease and grace become embodied in us, which through the body and the heart naturally lead to peace, clarity and focus of mind. And we recognize and realize the Creator Beings that we are, together weaving a beautiful world and co-creating paradise on Earth. It is so beautiful. So complex, and yet so simple. I found the simplest and most powerful practices for myself and for most people I have had the honor to work with over the years, are body-based practices that mimic nature and animals, that help us to completely let go on a deep cellular level, and hence reconnect us with our essential nature in the body, awakening sleeping parts of our DNA, reconnecting us with our innate body wisdom, our natural regenerative power and essence of what and who we are, in the here and now of our individual physical homes on Earth: our bodies, and our shared home: Mother Earth.

One of the simplest and most powerful practices I found so far is the Body-Zen-Meditation practiced and taught by Master Hung Chi Sung and Teacher Lynn Gong of Taiwan. While it is rooted in the Buddha-Body and the Zen-Mind, it was birthed through Master Hung and Teacher Gong regenerating themselves after each of them had suffered a severe road accident many years ago. Another one is the Womb-Moon-Yoga Practice birthed by Awakening Body-Consciousness Priestess Zoya Lu. This practice gracefully awakens the spiral chakra system of energetic lunar-solar twin relationships, unites these alchemical twins within our body temples and promotes integration and healing between the masculine and feminine inside our psyche and soul.

Both practices are very loving, gentle and embodied. They immediately bring a sense of relief and wellbeing to over-tired and over-tensed bodies and minds, open the heart and are easy, simple and joyful.  They are also easy to relate to for many people – East and West, North and South, Women and Men, Girls and Boys – anywhere in the World to accept and to practice, beyond any personal, family, society, cultural or religious believes. Heart-to-Heart, Soul-to-Soul, in Human Form, we weave a beautiful World and co-create Paradise on Earth. We each and all have suffered enough and have inflicted enough suffering on ourselves, on each other and on planet Earth. Out of this suffering, we have opened to Love and to the heartfelt soulful wish to ease and lighten the path for each other. Now, the time has come to truly put that into action and to remember the Creator Beings we each and all are, constantly co-creating with each other and the Universe.

Being that and remembering that, why would we not want to create each day, each moment more beautiful than the previous? Enjoying the gift that we are to each other and to the world and sharing our light, our love, our energy with the world for the wellbeing of all. That, to me, is the Essence of Buddhism and all religious and spiritual practice. We are ascending together with Mother Earth and if we surrender fully and allow, she will just carry us and nurture us, birth us into our new loving divine humanity. Together with partners, we are co-creating regenerative communities and projects, where we place the health, the sustainable and holistic wellbeing of the whole system, of people and planet, at the core of our eco-nomic activities and work in a regenerative way as a whole ecosystem, the human-made ecosystem mimicking the natural ecosystem and working in harmony with each other. My dear sisters and brothers here on Earth, I invite you to connect directly with me, should this resonate with you and should you feel the call to exchange, share and consciously co-create.


Body-Zen Meditation….

From 14 to 16 February 2020 we held our first Body-Zen Retreat in Europe, at Europe Monastery Gut Aich in Austria’s beautiful inner lake region of Salzkammergut at Lake Wolfgang, a former Celtic settlement area. Lead by Gabriele Seewald, who had herself trained directly with Earth Zen Person Master Hung Chi Sung and Zen Teacher Lynn Gong of Taiwan, twelve participants from Austria joined the retreat and benefitted from the immediate release and relieve that Body-Zen brings to over-tired and aching bodies, minds and hearts. Participants were astonished by the simplicity of the practice and the immediate positive effects with long-held pains, both physical and emotional, being gently and loving, deeply and lastingly relieved and a sense of original ease, peace and joy returning to the body, mind and heart.

We also integrated body-based practices of lovingly uniting the two main poles/energies in the body – yin & yang, the feminine & masculine principle or negative and positive charges. This initiated a wonderful conversation about these principles and how we can bring further understanding and healing of these two seemingly opposing and often severely judged parts of us – in each of us, man and woman and in the world and in our relationships with each other – into harmony and unity. One of the participants who is a high-school teacher for Religion and English Language in Vienna, is keen to bring Body-Zen into her classroom at school and found it a wonderful way to bring the girls and boys in her classes closer to themselves, their own essence and to each other.

Two other participants are planning to go to Taiwan in late April to train as Body-Zen teachers themselves with Earth Zen Person Master Hung Chi Sung and Zen Teacher Lynn Gong. One of them, who is an Integrated Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist in Austria also started to apply Body-Zen in her institute when working on her clients, who immediately noticed a deep sense of relieve and were surprised by the gentleness and depth of release, healing and regeneration that occurred when we lovingly let go and restore our bodies to their original state. Europe Monastery Gut Aich provided us with the perfect space and environment for the retreat. Since 1993 Gut Aich is inhabited by Benedictine monks and in 2004 it became Europe Monastery with the intention of nurturing Peace in Europe and among people from all over the world and all religions.

The monks live by the principle of Saint Benedict: ora et labora and spend their days in contemplation, meditation, work and creation – whether in their own herb garden, in production of herbal essences and balms, artworks and jewelry, as well as sharing their lives and wisdom and lending an open ear and loving support to anyone who wishes to visit or stay with them for a while. Europe Monastery Gut Aich also houses a Natural Healing Center by the teachings of Hildegard von Bingen, accommodations and a store where their own essences, balms, medicinal liquors, artworks, teas and the likes are available. Europe Monastery Gut Aich also holds their own seminars and retreats throughout the year.

Gut Aich is also the home monastery in Austria of Brother David Steindl-Rast, who is internationally known for his teachings on Gratefulness and his commitment to interfaith dialogue. Lake Wolfgang and the surrounding Salzkammergut inner lake area are one of Austria’s most naturally beautiful regions and oldest settlements with pristine landscapes, crystal-clear lakes with drinking-water quality, salt mines, high mountains and healing nature. A perfect place and way to let go completely, restore to original state of being, heal, regenerate and nurture health and wellbeing of body, mind, heart and soul.


The Beauty Way…. An Invitation….

What happens, when we ask different questions? What happens, when we change our perception? What happens, when we listen to our Heart and let ourselves be guided from there? What happens, when we stop asking how we can fight this virus, but start asking, how we can truly become healthy again? What happens, when we stop trying to return to ‚normal’, but start asking how we truly want to live? What happens, when we for once truly get in touch with our fears? The fear of sickness, the fear of death, the existential fear, the fear of life and nature?

Listen to her and ask her, what she wants to tell us? What happens, when we do all of this not with our head, but with our heart? What does our heart say? What does it feel? What does it deeply yearn for? Does head start to speak right away again, telling us: ‚that’s not realistic. How should that work? How will we survive?’ Maybe tears are flowing…?

Heart: ‚yes, my dear Head, I hear you and I understand you. I love you. And I ask you: do you prefer to merely survive, or do you truly want to live? Live in Health? Live in Balance? Live in Peace? Live in Beauty? Live in Comfort? Live in Abundance? Live in Harmony with Nature and each other? Truly live?…You are not alone with this yearning. Not alone at all. Yearnings and dreams become reality, when we let them become reality.

With our hearts, our feelings, our inner knowing and beliefs, our innate wisdom, our love, our thoughts, our words and our actions. Each of us and together. Head: ‚actually, I have wished for this for a long time myself…thank you for being back, my Heart. I will from now on listen to you and let you guide me. Together, we will (co)create this! Thank you.’ Heart: ‚and when you think, there is no way or only the hard way, I show you the gentle way, the loving way, the healthy way, the joyful, creative way, the nature way, the regenerative way, the beauty way. Walk, only you can, Human.’

It’s up to each and everyone of us to choose their way and to invite others – especially also those running our Nations at the moment – to walk the beauty way together. It’s a path that so far not many humans have walked on Earth. However, it does exist and it is open and free for all. All are invited.


Why on Earth are we here?….

When I started to ask this question, the answer started to reveal itself to me over time and I experienced the power of asking and living different questions from what we have been told to ask, or not to ask, or simply never ask ourselves because of the culture and societies we were brought up in. For me, this doesn’t matter if East or West, if educated or not, if enlightened or not, as humans we are all directed by our beliefs, cultivated and inherited. And by the two fundamental forces of love and fear.

We can go to great length to do whatever it takes to feel more love and less fear. And when we feel more love, we can share more love. When we feel less fear, we spread less fear. Of course, it works the other way round too. But how often do we truly stop and examine our own beliefs? How often do we bring more awareness to these fundamental forces ‘behind the scenes’ as we move through daily life? And if we do, how to? And what do we do with them? I am a very visceral person. It means, I can feel a lot in my body and the way I experienced life from an early age here on Earth was, that I did not know what these feelings meant and how to deal with them. There was no-one around to teach me, it is not what you generally learn in school and since it often felt very uncomfortable, I unconsciously made the decision as a child to switch these feelings off. To stop feeling and stop listening to my body, to suppress my emotions and to become really rational, as it was what the world expected me to be – rational, intelligent, hard working, successful – or at least so I believed.

I am glad that my soul had decided to create a few really difficult life-situations for me in order to give myself the chance to wake up, to become more aware of what ‘operates me’ and from there to be able to change my ‘operating system’ to one that is aligned with my soul, with the light, the love, the power of God in and through me. So why on Earth am I here? I am here to serve Mother Earth and all Her Beings. To shine, nurture, grow and share the light wherever I am. Not by ignoring the darkness and my own shadows, no. But by shining the light onto them, bringing my whole being to light. Here I stand, with all of me, my light and my dark, my divinity and my humanity, the way God created me, in my whole vulnerability and raw nature, being the One Light of many, the point of light of God that ‘I am’ here in this human form on Earth, serving life and my dear sisters and brothers in all forms and dimensions: humans, animals, plants, elements….