Donation of an oxygen system to the Hospital in Ampara district, Sri Lanka....

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Ampara, Sri Lanka  I  December 31, 2021  I 09.11 AM –

Namo Tassa Bhagavto Arahto Samma Sambuddhassa.

“Arogya paramaa laabhaa – Santutthi paramam dhanam

Visvaasaa paramaa nyaati – Nibbaanam paramam sukham”

Members of the Maha Sangha headed by most Ven. Beratuduwe Nyanawisuddhi Nayaka Thero, the great preceptor of Sri Lanaka Ramanaya Maha Nikaya and the Chief Incumbent of Wijayananda Piriven Maha Vihara, Weliwatta, Galle.

Brothers and sisters in the Dhamma, my dear friends, good health is the greatest gain according to the Buddha. Therefore, we have to do meritorious deeds, help patients and elderly people who are weak in order to receive such good health. That’s why our Tathagata Buddha has said that “Yo gilaanam upatthaati so upatthaati mam iti” That means one who cares the sick and the old is doing a Buddha-pujaa.

We are lucky to contribute an oxygen system to the hospital in Ampara. First of all, I had an idea of implementation of an oxygen system in a difficult area in Sri Lanka only after a discussion with Ven. Tawalama Bodhiseeha, the incumbent of Misori Buddhist Vihara, in America. Bhante Bodhiseeha introduced a counsellor of psychology miss Ranjani Shanti to me to handle the project.

Bro. Asoka Tan Ah Boon, Sis. Khema Magie and family, the devotees of Buddha Vihara Society, Miss Lee Hwa, my student of Buddhist and Pali College and friends, Miss Susan of Singapore came forward to help to materialize my project.

Therefore, our project has been successful. This oxygen system is not only useful for the patients that have been affected by Covid-19 but also to save many lives of patients in the future. I invite everybody to share the merit of our noble work

If Maha Sangha take action to cooperate together, not only we are able to overcome the Corona catastrophe but many of the problems in the country also could be solved.

I am grateful to the Venerable monks and dignitaries who attended this opening ceremony of oxygen system and those that helped by one way or another.

May this Corona pandemic disappear from the world. May all be free from sicknesses. May the fear of terrorism and war also disappear from the world.

May all beings be well and happy!!

             “Dukkhappattaa ca niddukkhaa – Bhayappattaa ca nibbhayaa

                         Sokappattaa ca nitsokaa – hontu sabbeepi panino”


Most Venerable Dr. Galle Udita Maha Nayake Thero

“Sihapura Sanghapati” The Chief Sangha Nayake of Singapore, Senior Religious Adviser of Buddha Vihara Society, Singapore