Buddhist organizations


We are introducing World's Famous Buddhist Organizations

In the Buddhist community in worldwide have many Buddhist Organizations. They are doing many activities in the world. They always cultivate sincerity, integrity, faith, and honesty within while exercising kindness, compassion, joy, and selflessness to humanity through concrete actions. Transcending the bounds of religion, they serve the world under what are the needs to the world. Organizations are open systems they affect and are affected by their environment. A social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. In here, “Mettavalokanaya”, introduced to you, Buddhist organizations and their activities for you for understanding their themes.

The World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) was established on Global Buddhist Congregation – GBC held on July 2017 in Malaysia 2560 B.E. under the Chairmanship of the Founder / President of World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) and Chairman of the Executive Council Meeting of WAB Most Venerable Palawadhammo (Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong). The World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB) is a network of international Buddhist organizations with worldwide membership from Buddhist temples, organizations, Buddhist educational institutions and individual Buddhist leaders. To propagate, protect, and promote Buddhism as well as for betterment of the Buddhist society globally, the World Alliance of Buddhists has been formed.