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Most Venerable Master Hai Tao
The President of Life TV, Abbot of Hong Fa Zen

Most Venerable Master Hai Tao, The President of Life TV, Abbot of Hong Fa Zen and other Monasteries in Taiwan has been making a lot of effort to support all different sects and traditions of Buddhism, regardless of their ways of practice, as long as they are authentic. In accordance with the Bodhisattva’s spirit of the only wish is to help all beings liberate themselves from suffering, without seeking for relief and happiness for the self along with his own aspiration of supporting countries, Buddhism and all living beings, the Master has dedicated his life to a variety of charitable activities to spread Buddhism and bring benefits to all beings. In particular, he has been travelling all year-round visiting schools, prisons and government organizations to fulfil his aspiration of promoting life education. The Venerable Hai Tao was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 1958. He graduated from Chinese Culture University of Chinese Culture in 1982. He was born in a family with traditional Chinese faith, but he encountered Christianity when he was in middle school and was a pious Christian until university. After having established a family and his own business, he also encountered Taoism.

In 1992, the Master took the Lay Bodhisattva Precepts under the Venerable Master Liao Zhong at Nanzih Tsuyunszu in Kaohsiung. In June 1993, the Master was converted to a Buddhist monk under the Venerable Master Zhen Hua at Fu Yan Temple in Xinzu, after which he practiced under the guidance of Venerable Master Ru Xu. In 1994, the Master took the Full Ordination under the Venerable Master Jie De at Miao Tong Monastery in Liouguei, Kaohsiung. In 1997, the Master spent a lot of time studying the Theravada tradition of Buddhism in south Asia. In November 2002, the Master became the 47th successor of the Tiantai sect under the Venerable Master Kok Kwong at Hong Kong Kun Chung Temple. In 2003, the Master became a disciple of His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje and regarded him as the root lama. In March 2005, the Master became a disciple of the Venerable Master Wu Dao and was given the Dharma name Zhi Hai (the sea of wisdom).In 2008, the Master became the abbot of Hongfa Zen Monastery in Miaoli. In 2009,the Master became the 53th tantric preceptor of the Eastern Mantrayana. In the same year, the Master became the abbot of Fawang Monastery in Keelung. In 2010, the Master became the abbot of Wugong Monastery in Hengchun.

The Venerable Master Hai Tao has taken up the following appointments:The chairman of Life Culture Foundation, The director of Life TV, The director of the Taiwan Buddhist Publication Association, The director of the Taiwan Life Caring Association, The chairman of the Huai Hai Education Foundation, The director of the Taiwan Dog Saving Association, The director of the Compassion Culture Company, The chairman of the Hai Tao Life Foundation in Malaysia, The chairman of the Hai Tao Life Foundation in the USA, The chairman of Taiwan Lamp Offering Charitable Association, The director of all Life Education Centres and Temples in the UK, Chile, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau, The director of the Loving Compassion Buddhist College, The abbot of Hongfa Zen Monastery in Miaoli, The abbot of Keelung Fawong Temple, The abbot of Taichung Five Dhyani Buddhas Lecture Hall, The abbot of Kaohsiung Compassion Bodhimanda, The vice-chairman of the China International Offering Ceremony to All Buddhas and Sanghas Association, A missionary teacher at many schools and an honorary counsellor at a number of prisons.