Buddhist Meditation


Most Venerable Dharma Master Hsin Tao
Founder of Museum of World religion, Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society

The Essence of Zen Meditation

Zen is simply your Ordinary Mind. Keeping nothing in your mind, you can then be as productive and creative as you could be! Zen is life itself. If you want to make your life blossom and open up, you need to do Zazen. Zen is actually the full blossoming of your own beautiful life. Zen gives you a wonderful perspective on the panorama of Life. Zen’s essence itself is primordially perfect and complete. You can’t find any faults or imperfections in it. And your life is of course very rare, wonderful and utterly precious. You should seize and savor this precious human life to seek for the Ultimate Wisdom of Zen. When you attain Zen, you can control your life and death. Unlike the fleeting and eroded sand and soil, you can now master your mind and your life. I am promoting Zen in overseas countries nowadays. Many westerners are very interested in Zen meditation. I introduced them a special type of Zen practice that I called “Peace Zen” – which has a very clear and systematic four steps in its practice.

The preliminaries and the results of this Peace Zen are very clear and productive, and they can practice it with unwavering faith and one-pointed diligence. This systematic approach enables them to understand, practice and realize the essence of Zen in a simpler and more humanistic way. Ultimately speaking, Chinese Zen (Chan) has no gradual steps. Either you get it or not – that’s all. There’s no way or method no practice Zen. Since Zen has no specific steps and gradual methods, it can use All kinds of methods and approaches. Its exclusiveness lies within its flexibility and inclusiveness. Zen is forever lively, flowing and dynamic.

But no understand the essence of Zen, you must have a very sharp and receptive mind. If you are slow and dumb, then you will need more time and efforts in getting to realize the essence of Zen. So, from my own practical experience, I’ve now designed Peace Zen in a very systematic and approachable way. If you enter into the practice of Zen in this way, whether you are sharp or not, you can be assured that you would realize its essence very easily and systematically. Actually, the essence of Zen is within everyone’s mind. It’s in you as well, just that you didn’t know how to recognize it. It will be such a waste if you miss this treasure of Mind within your own self! You see, our mind is really very wonderful and amazing.

You must utilize the energy and function of your meditation to look at your own mind. By doing meditation, you’re introduced to your own mind. You are given a chance to understand your mind so that you could get along with it. By and by, by knowing your own mind’s characters and nature, you can then use this very mind to practice the Dharma and to gain Enlightenment. The Great Buddha has the same mind as ours as well. He had nothing besides his own Enlightened and Pure mind. When the Buddha attained supreme Enlightenment, all phenomena were transformed into the world of Avatamsaka (Flower Adornment).